Our Mission

Accelerate the mobility transition in cities

“Electric cargo bikes changed my life”, Jelle Maijer, Founder

Jelle’s Story

Two years ago we bought an electric cargo bike. A major investment, but perhaps our best ever: it changed our lives. Car use became increasingly frustrating and we wanted to try something different. Now we travel to all corners of the city with ease and changed our daily shopping to weekly. We started loaning the bike more and more often, even to entrepreneurs. As a result, the idea for Cargoroo was born…

“I even brought my wife to the hospital for delivery”

The missing link in shared urban mobility

Top of the range made accessible

The electric cargo bike from Urban Arrow is the best there is at the moment but to purchase is the price of a good used car. With Cargoroo, we make the electric cargo bike accessible to everyone. Leave the car parked and feel the liberation these bikes provide. Really, try it.

We have won prestigious prizes at home and abroad for our innovative mobility solution. We are getting a foothold in more and more municipalities taking the step to reduce car use. They are interested in new mobility but also do not want to stand in the way of the wine supplier who delivers to his customers. Or the handyman who needs four large buckets of latex. The neighbor who wants to go to the goat farm. Or as one of the founders recently announced: “I even brought my wife to the hospital for delivery.” A new mobility movement is clearly set in motion. And we will ensure that it leads to a positive impact for everyone.

Our challenge to you: Take a ride

It is important for us to remove barriers which might prevent usage. Hence a low rate and no subscription costs. We challenge you: download the app, register and borrow a bike. If only for an hour, you will be amazed how easily and safely you move in traffic. It is up to you whether you will do that more often but we’re hooked and we think you will be too.


EU subsidy granted for 7 pilot cities in Europe – Interreg

The EU has approved and funded a project that we initiated to pilot E-mobility hubs in 6 European cities including Amsterdam, Manchester and Leuven. The project has three main priorities. 1) Innovation to help enterprises innovate. 2) Low carbon, supporting the shift towards a low carbon economy in all sectors and promoting sustainable transport. 3) Resource & materials efficiency to find new ways to produce more value with fewer materials.  In the eHubs users can pick up different modes of shared electric transport including our shared e-cargo bikes. This project will propel our European presence and enable users to experience our shared e-cargo bike service.


Jelle Maijer

Jaron Borensztajn

Erik de Winter