A clean, safe and congestion-free city.

That’s what everyone wants, right?


Lets do our part for the city.


biked this year.


The city is congested.
The air is polluted.
There isn't enough space.

Did you know

More than 50% of all car trips in the city can be replaced by cargo bikes.

The car is stationary 95% of the time and takes up 60% of the public space.

carried by cargoroo

That is why we invest in a liveable city, a city with room to breathe.

Our shared cargo bike is a sustainable, healthy, practical and above all fun solution for rides with children to clubs and sports fields, outings with the family, SMEs who need to deliver or collect something, and anyone who wants to do a lot of shopping or has something to transport.


of the Cargoroo'ers has replaced a car ride with the cargo bike


Co2/Kg saved per ride


Times biked around the world 2020

Also a neighborhood e-cargo bike?


I would like an electric
cargo bike in my neighborhood.


    We would love an electric
    cargo bike in our city.