Carrying the future of congestion free cities

It is possible with Cargoroo

Carrying the future of congestion free cities

It is possible with Cargoroo

Shared e-cargo bikes ready for rent in your neighborhood

Keep the car parked, let our e-cargo bikes do the work. Electric assist allows you to focus on the journey; ride the family to the beach, pick up groceries, pass by the hardware store. Our focus on city-based neighbourhood pickup/drop off ensures there’s always a bike within reach.

Hello Leuven! The first Cargoroo bikes are on the street and available for use 1st of July via our app. #letscargoroo

Always near, always accessible

Our bikes are in fixed locations so you know where to find them

Together with cities and representatives from the neighborhood

Locations choice in close cooperation with authorities and neighborhood communities.

We organize try-out events where anyone can get first hand instructions from our support team.

Our high-end cargo bikes are adapted for the purpose of sharing. That means durability, liability, low maintenance and ease of use.

The pedal assist is maximized and uses sensors to ensure a safe and pleasant ride. The bikes are equipped with heavy-duty disc brakes, the box is made op EPS foam and has seatbelts for two kids. Also we provide Maxi-Cosi adapters for safe carrying of babies.

Our local team engages with local stakeholders and user-groups to fit our service in in the best possible way.

Two wheel e-cargo bike designed for standard bicycle paths. Longer but not broader than a normal bike, really.

Our bikes are carefully placed where demand is. Geo-fencing technology ensures it stays that way.

We always provide a local maintenance and customer support service.

We value your data privacy and ensure it’s protected under GDPR laws.