How to Cargoroo?

Kids to the park?
Delivery across town?
Find, rent and go!

Download the Cargoroo app

Find and reserve your e-cargo bike

Unlock with your phone

Lock and unlock anywhere, anyplace

Return bike to start location and lock

Friendly. In usability and price.

€1,00 start fee
€4,20 per hour / €0,07 per minute
No hidden costs

You only pay for what you use
Not a minute longer

How to Cargoroo?

Meet the bike

Electric assisted, lightweight and easy handling for all body types.

Renting and Returning

Carrying precious cargo (Maxi-Cosi adapter)

Road rules

Here’s a couple tried and tested tips to keep you moving safely.

Longer breaking distance

Carrying cargo tends to require longer breaking distances. Think ahead and brake on time.

The road rules rule

You’ll feel free as a bird but just like on a bike, we need to obey the rules of the road.

Lock it up, everywhere

Thieves know e-cargo bikes aren’t cheap. When you stop, lock it. If possible also with the chain. Lasers optional.

Adjust your saddle

The correct height of the saddle is at the hip height if you are standing next to it. Set it up before you cycle, it will feel way better (and add control)