Rent and go

Special load - Maxi-Cosi adaptor

How to Cargoroo

Our Cargoroo app

In our app you can find the fixed locations of the electric cargo bikes in our cities and neighborhoods. You can easily choose and immediately start cycling. Do you want to reserve the e-cargo bike? That is also possible. For € 1,- you reserve the bike for 20 minutes. After that, the booking starts automatically. #letscargoroo

Everything about the e-cargo bike

Safety First: All cargo is precious

Some practical tips to help and keep you safe on the road.

Your braking distance is longer

The more cargo you have, the longer your braking distance. Plus, you’re even taller. So look ahead and brake on time.

Pay attention to the traffic rules

You are tall and you are fast. Not everyone expects that, so stick to the traffic rules. They are the same as for a normal bicycle.

Lock it up – everywhere.

Thieves also know: an e-cargo bike is not cheap. If you put it somewhere during your rental, lock it. If possible also with the chain.

Adjust the saddle before you ride away

The correct height of the saddle is at hip height if you are standing next to it. Set it before you ride away, then you have more control and more power.