Carried with Pride


In the run-up to Pride Week Amsterdam, Cargoroo is already showing its colors! The neighborhood bike can now be found not only in yellow, but in all colors of the rainbow.

Starting Thursday, July 14, 10 of our cargo bikes around town have been transformed into Pride Cargoroos. These rainbow cargo bikes can be used as always, only now with extra PRIDE! During Pride Week, we will give 3 of the wrapped cargo bikes to volunteers of the organization. Will you see one of Cargoroo’s shine in the Pride Walk on July 30 for equal rights for the global rainbow community?

Create and share your videos and photos 📸 with hashtag #carriedwithpride

More than two weeks before the start of the festivities in the city, you can already ride around on such a beautiful rainbow Cargoroo. Of course to get in the mood, but also to focus much needed awareness on the importance of Pride Amsterdam. Every year, and all year round! Because inclusiveness is paramount. From us, everyone can and should be there.

Diversity can be found everywhere and in every workplace. During the other days of the year, maybe not buried in glitter, so then every member of the Cargoroo team contributes to this nice environment by being open (minded) and warm towards each other. That mindset and atmosphere that lives with us is what we want to see driving throughout the city in the coming weeks.

A streetscape full of Pride flags and cheery rainbow Cargoroos. That’s what makes us happy! But even more of people who are happy to work together throughout the year. This is what we as a team are most proud of. And we celebrate with cargo bikes on which every color of the rainbow can be seen, and should be there!

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