Cargoroo is the electric cargo bike that can be rented with an app. Every cargo bike has its own reserved spot. The app allows you to see where you can find them, which ones are free and makes it easy to reserve the bike of your choice.

For everyone who can cycle. Do you want to take your children somewhere? Do you have a lot or heavy groceries? Do you want to transport something big? Then a Cargoroo cargo bike is perfect for you!

To rent a Cargoroo cargo bike you should be over 18, and have a smartphone with the app installed. We require that you have an address and a bank account in one of the countries where we are active (currently that is the Netherlands and Belgium). You should also log in to the app and issue a direct debit authorization allowing us to collect the costs.

We currently have cargo bikes in The Hague. We will soon expand to a number of other cities. Sign up for the newsletter [link], and you will be the first to know.

We are growing rapidly. That means that the number of cities and locations where you can rent a Cargoroo is increasing. If you want us to keep you up to date on this, sign up for the newsletter and you will receive an email when we have news to share. The more registrations in a neighborhood, the greater the chance that we will start the next Cargoroo spot there.

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Via e-mail: support@cargoroo.nl
Via phone: 085 – 01 61 444 (daily from 9.00 to 17.00)


Download the app and click on ‘Register’. After finishing your registration a phoneverification will follow within 24 hours. You can also call us on working days between 09:00-17:00h to verify your account. Keep this in mind while creating anaccount. You have to be 18 years or older to use the cargo bike.

Every recent smartphone with iOS or Android is compatible.

You can use one account for your family, but the account holder is responsible for the use of the cargo bike and any costs involved.

In the near future you will be able to do so. For now, you can enter the company name and user name in the user field.

If you know the email address but not your password, you can click in the app on ‘Forgot password’. If you do not remember the email address, please send an email to support@cargoroo.nl and we will try to find it by your name or address.

Registration is free. We will debit 1 cent for checking your bank account.

Please send an email to support@cargoroo.nl


You can reserve a cargo bike 20 minutes in advance – every day of the year, any time.

Currently you can only reserve 1 cargo bike per person at a time.

There’s a reservation fee of 1 euro.

You can cancel a reservation in the app. There will be no charge if you do this within 3 minutes of making the reservation.

No. We opted for this because it this also allows you to rent the bike just as long as you want. So don’t worry if you want to stay on the beach a little while longer.


In our experience, anyone who cycles regularly can also ride an electric cargo bike. In the beginning you might have to get used to the length of the bike, especially how it steers. Almost everyone adapts to this within 5 minutes. Even with children, the bike feels very stable due to its low point of gravity.

A full battery will take you about 100 kilometres.

Once a battery goes below two marks, we will replace it with a fully charged one – usually at night. You can check the app how much charge any cargo bike holds.

Of course. Use the app to lock the bike if you’re not back at the starting point. Please consider using the chain lock for extra safety. You can end your rental period only at the spot where you’ve picked up your cargo bike.

Call us on the telephone number shown in the app.

You can keep using it for as long as you want. Pro tip: make sure you watch the battery charge left to go back.

You can find instructions and a video here

Kids in the Cargoroo

The general consensus is that transporting children in a cargo bike is safer than on a regular bicycle with child seats. The cargo bike is equipped with three belts for children and a Maxi-Cosi holder for babies. The foam used for the container is the same as that which is used for helmets.

You can find an instructional video here. Please note: not every Cargoroo bike has a Maxi-Cosi adapter. In the app you can see which ones do, before you make your reservation.

The Cargoroo bikes that have an adapter for a Maxi-Cosi (in the app you can see which ones do), can accommodate for 3 children, or 2 children and one baby in a Maxi-Cosi. Cargoroo bikes that do not have a Maxi-Cosi adapter, can fit two children. For every child there’s a safety belt.

From the age that they can sit straight up to about 8 years old. For baby’s that cannot sit up, we recommend using your Maxi-Cosi and the adapter inside.

It’s not possible to have any person on the back of the bike.


€1,00 reservation fee
€3,50 per hour / €0,06 per minute
No hidden costs

You only pay for what you use
Not a minute longer

You pay after each ride. The payment is debited from your bank account a few days after your usage.

In the near future it will be possible to receive in invoice for your trips, unfortunately this is
currently not possible.

If you have questions regarding payments, please send an email to support@cargoroo.nl

Insurance and theft

For our electric cargo bikes the same rules apply as for cyclists. Insurance is not required for cyclists (hence also not for cargo cyclists). If you do not have liability insurance yourself, we highly recommend that you consider taking one: as a driver of a (cargo) bike you are liable for any damage that you cause.

The cargo bike itself is insured by us for theft and damage. Damage to third parties, accidents and passengers is not insured by us. In general, these risks are covered by your accident, liability and/or health insurance.

If you’ve locked the cargo bike, we have got you covered. If you did not lock it, you are liable for the damage. In the case of theft, you are obliged to report this to the police as soon as possible and to contact us.