From unaffordable to feasible.

The electric cargo bike that we use is the best available at the moment. However, for the same price, you could also buy a second hand car in decent shape. Hence Cargoroo, which makes the electric cargo bike accessible to everyone. No need to be dependant on a car anymore when you have a Cargoroo right around the corner. Go give it a try!

We have won prestigious awards at home and abroad for our innovative mobility solution. And whats better is that we are getting a foot in the door with an increasing number of manicipalities. They are happy to take the step forward to reduce car use. However, then they don’t want to get in the way of the wine suppier serving its customers. The handyman who needs four large buckets of latex. The neighbor who wants to go to the goat farm. Or as one of the founders recently confessed: ¬®I even brought my wife to the hospital for our second child¬®. Clearly a movement has been initiated. And we will ensure that it leads to a successful one that is good for both us and the planet.

Accept the challenge.

It’s important for us to remove the barrier. Hence a low rate and no subscription costs. We challenge you: download the app, register and rent a bike. Even if it’s just for an hour, you will be amazed at how easily and safely you move around in traffic. It’s up to you whether you will do that more often But be careful, it’s easy to fall in love with the Cargoroo.

EU subsidy awarded for 7 pilot cities in Europe- Interreg

The EU has approved and subsidized the pilot project e-mobility hubs. This project, initiated by us, tests mobility hubs in 6 European cities, includingL Amsterdam, Manchester and Leuven. The project has three main priorities. 1) Innovation to help companies innovate. 2) Reduction of CO2 emitting economy in all sectors and promotion of sustainable transport. 3) Resources & materials efficiency to find new production ways that deliver more value with fewer materials. In the so-called eHubs, users can choose different forms of electric shared transport, including our electric shared cargo bikes. This project will increase our visibility in Europe and offer users the opportunity to experience our electric cargo bike sharing.

Jelle Maijer “For me, Cargoroo is the basis for changing the quality of life in the city.”
Jaron Borensztjan “For me, Cargoroo is the basis for changing the quality of life in the city.”
Erik de Winter “For me, Cargoroo is the basis for changing the quality of life in the city.”

Our purpose

We want to help make a world where city livers are
liberated and free in their movement.


A world where the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.


A world where we help cities create opportunities and development for all.


A world which is healthier for everyone, in body, mind and pocket. A future we can truly thrive in.