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Your shared e-cargo bike when you need it.

Why Cargoroo?

The missing link in shared mobility.

Scooters and bikes are great, until you need more. More seats, more space, more pedal power.

Cargoroo offers a cost-efficient, eco-friendly, hassle-free way to carry any cargo—kids or crates of beer. And makes it more fun for everyone.

Download and enjoy!


To use and in price.

  • Reserve 20 minutes ahead of time for € 1,-

  • €6,00 per hour / €0,10 per minute

  • No hidden costs

You only pay for the time you use it.
Not a minute longer.

How to Cargoroo?

Kids to the park?
Delivery across town?
Find, reserve and go!

Download the Cargoroo-app

Find and reserve a e-cargo bike

Unlock with your phone

Lock and unlock anywhere, anyplace

Return bike to start location and lock

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