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Why Cargoroo?

The missing link in shared mobility.

Scooters and bikes are great, until you need more. More seats, more space, more capacity.

E-cargo bike sharing offers a cost-efficient, eco-friendly, hassle-free and fun way to handle any cargo needs. Cargoroo makes it cheap, easy, environmentally conscious and actually a lot of fun to take more with you.

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Friendly. Both in use and price.

  • Reserve 20 minutes ahead of time for € 1,-

  • €6.00 per hour / €0.10 per minute

  • No hidden costs

New subscriptions!

You only pay for the time you use it.
Not a minute longer.

* Custom rates apply for Leuven. Check the app for the most up-to-date information.

How to Cargoroo?

Kids to the park?
Delivery across town?
Find, reserve and go!

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