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    Top 5 reasons to invest in Cargoroo

    1. Rolling towards profit—Positive cash flow on the horizon
    2. Be our shareholder—Get the same terms as our 3 major investors
    3. Make a difference—support a company making a positive social and economic impact
    4. Help more bikes on street—If we double the fleet, we triple our revenue
    5. Keep pace with city demand—our team needs to support the expansion

    🙌🏽 Become part of the Cargoroo community and benefit from our success
    🚀 Invest in Cargoroo now

    🚀 Invest in a share of Cargoroo

    Together, we have achieved a remarkable feat in recent years! We have launched a successful fleet of electric shared cargo bikes in the Netherlands. We have even been active in Belgium and Germany for a while now. We now want to share our success with everyone. To continue growing, we need money. We want to raise this money together with you and our existing investors.

    That’s why we have started a crowdfunding campaign. You can now buy a share in Cargoroo. Starting at €238.80, you can purchase 6 certificates and help us to expand the Dutch shared cargo bike revolution throughout Europe. You will also receive bright yellow Cargoroo socks and €30 worth of cycling credit from us. 🙌🏽 #letscargoroo

    Liveable city
    Together, we can increase our contribution to a liveable city and truly leave cities better for future generations, which is why now is a suitable time to invest.

    For and by the neighborhood
    Invest in Cargoroo and let’s together place an electric shared cargo bike in every state in Europe. Accessible to everyone, everywhere. This is how we keep our promise to be for and by the neighborhood!